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Romania Report 2014

A team from our Church (Alice Bell, Leah Bell, Adam Bell & Arnold Bell) as well as people from other Churches went out to Romania from the 14th – 23rd July 2014.

Click on the links below to listen too and see how they got on.

Audio Report

PDF Report

Baptist Missions


The Baptist Missions strategy is working with existing Baptist Churches in Europe, Peru and Ireland, to reach out and plant new Churches, and to help those exsiting and new Churches to grow and develop spiritually and nunerically.


Baptist Missions produce the Insight magazine six times a year. It is full of news about Baptist Missions and Missionaries as well as information about the other Association departments and churches. You can subscribe to receive it through your Church.

Go to the Archive to veiw some past articles.

Slavic Gospel Association

The aim of Slavic Gospel Association (UK) is to serve the Church amoung the

Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ, particularly amoung churchs across Eastern Europe and central Asia.


From time to time urgent prayer requests and information are sent out to prayer partners so that they can remember these needs as they occur. You can participate in this vital and valuable prayer ministry.


The Church has always had a passion for Missionary work and has sent, prayedfor, and supported missionaries for years.

Our present missionary family


Trevor & Christine Morrow (click for more)

Click below to watch short video updates and to view pdf/ppt file updates from The Baptist Centre (in lte Peru)  telling us about the work they have been involved in, looking after the various groups that attended  and took part in the different activities that were run by the Centre


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Bertie & Joan Hamilton

Bertie & Joan (members of Cookstown Baptist Church) retired in 2010 after completing 48 years missionary service in Peru and Caieo. They are now living and continuing to serve the Lord in Scotland.

Click HERE to listen to a short update from Bertie on their recent visit to Peru and their work in Scotland.


The justification of the sinner by God’s grace through faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ; the eternal security of the believer.


The local church as a company of baptised believers gathered under the head-ship of Christ for worship, fellowship, instruction and evangelism; the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s supper: baptism being the immersion of believers on profession of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and a symbol of their identification with Him in His death, burial and resurrection; the Lord’s supper being a remembrance of Christ until He comes and a renewal of commitment to Him; the offices of elder and deacon; the gifts of evangelist and pastor-teacher; the priesthood of all believers and their unity in the Body of Christ; the separation of church and state.

Paddy & Jill Crozier CEF

Paddy and Jill had been working voluntary in the Summer months with the CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship)

Paddy (former member of Cookstown Baptist Church) gave up his full time teaching post and Jill and himself where accepted officially as candidates for CEF on the 14th April 2010.

Their commissioning service was held on the 13th June 2010 in Lisnagleer Baptist Church, and they completed their CEF training in Switzerland along with their three children, Faith, Jenny and Emma.

Jill and Paddy returned at the end of September 2010 to start their full time work taking over from David and Cathy Coffey.

Click on the Links below to see their latest monthly programme & prayer letterupdates.

Dear friends,
We thank you again for all your prayers and support – God has been good this last month.  As a result of the calendar distribution we are booked into another 4 schools for assemblies with another 5 possibilities. We had a great reception in all 43 schools – Praise God.  See attached spreadsheet for details of all the schools visited and the ongoing CEF ministry in them.
God has also been good in relation to our finances this month.  We were in the red these last few months and had decided to not claim for our mileage this month – usually about £250. Jill was praying specifically about this matter and about an hour later we received an email informing us that a generous donation had just come in – God had answered our prayer before we even asked – amazing.  What a good God we serve.
May God bless you richly over this Christmas season,

Programme for March 2016

Prayer Letter No.23

GNC prayer bookmark

Primary School Calendars 2016

Trailer Ministry Northern Region Ministries

The responsibility of all believers to obey and serve the Lord and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives; the duty of each church to exercise godly discipline in a loving and caring fashion.

The Trailer Ministry exists to give a means to local churches to reach out to their communities through contact at markets, fairs, community events and the large events taking place each year. Presently it consists of two trailers stocked with books and other items of interest manned by Dessie Creelman and Tot Hicks.

Click on the links below to see their Evangelising Together leflet and to listen to updates from Tot Hicks on the Trailer Ministry and the work through Donegal Baptist in Donegal Town.

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Discovery Magazine

The Northern Region Ministries produce this evangelistic magazine each year, for use in open air outreach and door to door evangelism.

To obtain more details about “Discovery” magazine click on the link above.

Amazing Journey 2013

The Church took the Amazing Journey into Cookstown Primary School (11th & 12th February) and Holy Trinity School. (13th & 14thFebruary)

Over 1000 Boys & Girls were reached with God’s Word.

Please continue to pray that God would use His Word to save these children and even as they go home and share the message with their parents, that they would come to saving faith too.

Pray for Rachel Kelly as she travels round the Schools that God will use her to speak to the Boys & Girls.

Baptist Women Peru Team 2013

A team of Baptist Women went out to Peru from the 22nd – 7th April 2013.

Mrs Sandra Steele, a member of Cookstown Baptist Church went out as part of the Baptist Women’s Team.

Click to veiw a Powerpoint presentation and to listen to a update from Sandra’s trip to Peru.

Click Here to find out more about the Women that went on the Mission Team.

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