Gareth grew up in Belfast where he trusted in Jesus as his Lord and Saviour at the age of 20. He’s married to Nicole, and they have 2 boys – Charlie & Harry. In his free time he loves to run, to read, to watch movies and to relax with a cup of coffee.

Gareth did a degree in ‘Business Management’ at Queens, before working for a number of years in the Ulster Bank. He left the bank in 2009, as he felt called by God into ministry. As a result, he went to the Irish Baptist College where he studied ‘Preparation for Ministry’ for 3 years. As part of his training, Gareth served as ‘student assistant’ in Great Victoria Street Baptist for 8 months.

Gareth came to Cookstown Baptist as pastor in November 2012. His desire for the believers in the church is to see their love for God intensify, their knowledge of the Bible deepen, their conformity into the image of Christ grow and their passion for service and witness blossom.

Andrew is from a village called Newmills, close to Cookstown. He was brought up in a Christian family but personally trusted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour in later years. He has 2 daughters, Freya and Mila. His free time and hobbies consist of spending time with family, listening and playing music and exercise.

After sensing the Lord’s call, Andrew left work in 2018 to commence study at the Irish Baptist College in ‘Preparation for Ministry’. He graduated in May 2021 and was inducted as assistant pastor in the church in October 2021. He is passionate about seeing the church strengthened and equipped to stand firm in their faith. His desire is to see the believers here grow in their love for the Lord, each other, and those who don’t know Jesus.

Edgar grew up as the youngest of a family of 4. He was saved at a gospel mission held by Cookstown Baptist when he was 14 years old. Edgar is married to Valerie and they have 3 grown up children – Philip, Adam & Sarah. He currently works as a farm quality inspector and in his free time, he’s usually working on the home farm.

Edgar was elected as a deacon in 2001. He was then elected as an elder in 2011. He also serves as a church secretary.

David is from Cookstown, is married to Emma and they a son called Olly. He grew up in a Christian home and trusted in Christ as his Lord and Saviour as a child. David is a chartered accountant currently working in Belfast. In his spare time he enjoys playing 5 a side football, mountain biking and reading.

David was appointed as an elder in February 2020. He also serves as Bible class leader in the church and his prayer and desire is that the young people of the church would grow strong in their faith and be able to stand firm in the truth of the gospel.

Alan grew up in Cookstown where he had the privilege of having godly parents who taught him the gospel and regularly brought him along to church. Alan came to faith in Jesus at the age of 5. He is married to Christine and they have 4 grown up children – Peter, Stephen, Kathryn & Timothy. Alan also has 2 grandchildren and works as a delivery driver in Cookstown. In his free time Alan loves to play and watch golf, to support and watch Man United, to play music, and to spend time with family and friends.

Alan has served as a deacon in the church for a number of years, and was appointed as an elder in February 2020. He also heads up the praise team and married couples. He considers it a joy to serve and worship with the church in Cookstown.

Trevor grew up in Cookstown. He’s married to Doreen and they have 2 grown up children and 6 grandchildren. Trevor came to trust in Christ as Saviour as a young child having been taught the Scriptures from an early age.

Trevor served for a number of years as a deacon before being appointed as an elder in 2011. He has a desire to see children and young people being taught God’s Word.

Arnie was brought up in a Christian home and sent along to many Christian camps. It was after one such camp that he realised that being part of a Christian family didn’t automatically make him a Christian. And so he trusted in Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. Arnie is married to Linda and they have 3 grown up children – Daniel, Lauren & Adam.

Arnie has been a deacon for a number of years. He also serves on the praise team and is a leader in men’s ministry. Arnie also organises the quarterly prayer meetings for the SGA (Slavic Gospel Association).

Alan is from Cookstown. He became a Christian at the age of 16, after attending a Faith Mission convention at Easter. He’s married to Annette – they have 2 daughters and 6 grandchildren.

Alan served as a Junior Youth Leader for a number of years. He also became a deacon in 1993 and he is still serving in that role today. Alan’s passion and prayer is to see young people being nurtured and growing in their Christian faith.

Stephen has lived in Cookstown his whole life where he trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ at a tent mission at the age of 19. He is married to June and they have 2 sons – Kyle & Darren.

Stephen works as a production supervisor in Cloughbane farm shop. In his spare time, Stephen volunteer’s as a secretary in Limbless Support NI – a group which he helped to set up in order to aid and support amputees and their families throughout NI. Stephen is an amputee himself as a result of a motor bike accident in 2003.

Stephen has been a member of the church for a number of years where he has been serving as a deacon since 2013. In addition to this, Stephen serves as a youth leader, updating the church website and helping on the powerpoint & sound desk.

Robert grew up in Cookstown. He was brought up in a Christian home, where he trusted in Christ at the age of 19. Robert is married to Elaine and they have 3 children – Rebekah, Claudia & Eli. He works as an electrician.

Robert has been a deacon since 2013. In addition to this, he is a leader in BYF and Manna.

David grew up on a farm just outside Hillsborough. He became a Christian after hearing the Bible story of the wise man building his house on the rock at a children’s meeting at the age of 8 or 9. He is married to Jill and they have 4 children – Benjamin, Elijah, Jacob & Evie. David is a chartered surveyor and works in a residential estate agents in Lisburn. In his free time, he enjoys family days out, especially around the north coast.

David became in deacon in 2013. He also serves as a youth leader in 180.

Timmy is from Cookstown. He grew up in the church where  he was saved as a young child. Timmy is married to Jemma and he works as a firefighter. In his free time, he enjoys playing hockey and many other sports.

Timmy is thankful to say that through God’s LOVE, he can continually GROW spiritually through the ministry of the church. Timmy SERVES as a member of the praise team, in the youth and as a deacon. As we are called to GO into all the world with the gospel, Timmy knows that his Saviour goes with him.

William grew up in a small village called Tullyhogue, about 3 miles from Cookstown. He was saved at the age of 8 in 1977 at a mission conduct by the Reverent William Smylie in Kingsmill Hall. William is married to Cherith and they have 4 children – Lucy, Robyn, Alex & Caleb. He is currently self employed as a diary engineer. In his spare time, he likes to follow competitive pipe bands.

William was appointed as a deacon in 2019 – he hopes to carry out his role in an honest, prayerful, gracious & God glorifying manner. William prays that as a church we would always show God’s love in the community. In addition to this, he feels we need to have a strong focus on prayer (both privately & corporately), young people’s work & helping those in need within the church and beyond.

Brian grew up just outside of Cookstown. He was saved as a child of 5 years of age. Brian works as a farmer and gardener. In his spare time, he enjoys  growing plants in his greenhouse.

Brian has been a deacon for a number of years. He also serves as church treasurer.