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This page will contain news on what is happening or what has happened in the recent past in Cookstown Baptist. Please return often for updates.








Latest News


Amazing Journey 2016

The Church took the Amazing Journey into Cookstown Primary School

(3rd & 5th February) and Phoenix Integrated Primary School (4th February)

671 Boys & Girls were reached with God's Word.

Please continue to pray that God would use His Word to save these children and even as they go home and share the message with their parents, that they would come to saving faith too.

Pray for Erron as he travels round the Schools that God will use him to speak to the Boys & Girls.

Click Here to view a few pictures of the Amazing Journey



Bible Class

We as a Church have been praying for a while for the need of a Bible Class for the young people. God has answered our prayers, on Sunday 4th October a new Bible Class will commence which will be taken by Mr David Marks.

Click on the link below to listen to David giving us a introduction to what the format of the class will be and what the young people will be studing.

Bible Class Introduction


Rescue & Manna Mission

Click below for more information







      Holiday Bible Club

We held our annual Holiday Bible Club from Monday 27th - Friday 31st July, 2 - 4pm each day.

This was taken this year again by a BYE Team along with some of our own young people.

We had up to 84 Boys & Girls each day and finished the week of with a BBQ on the Friday night.

Click below to watch a shot video of this years Holiday Bible Club.






Fit 4 Life 2015

The Women held another series of Fit 4 Life events on Wednesday 15th, 22nd & 29th April 2015.

The nights kicked of with a keep fit hour for all different levels of fitness including walking - 20, 40, 60 minutes routes, 5k Run, Armchair Aerobics and refreshments.

This was folowed by a time of chours singing, ending with a special Speaker and a healthly supper.

For more details Click Here.

To listen to our past Fit 4 Life speakers Click Here


Mission 2014

We held a special 2 week Gospel Mission in Cookstown Primary school from Sunday 2nd - Sunday 16th November.

The Speaker was Mr Trevor Matthews (Faith Mission).

The first week consisted of different speakers each night who covered a range of topics, with Trevor bringing a closing epilogue.

Sun 2nd - "Conquering addiction"

(Elaine Price)

Mon 3rd - "Coping with trauma"

(Craig McMillan - paralysed playing sport)

Tue 4th - "Coping with tragic loss"

(Andrew Cardy - losing a child in violent circumstances)

Wed 5th - "Coping with family tragedy"      

(Phyllis Arnold - author of 'Some party in heaven)

Thur 6th - "Overcoming alcoholism“            

(Albert McDonald)

Fri 7th - "Handling depression"                           

(Dr. Andrew Collins)

Sat 8th - "Total transformation"                 

(Bobby Mathieson - former prisoner)

Click Here to listen to the differnt Speakers and Testimonies




Our special Encounter service is continuing on the last Sunday evening of each month:

'Encounter' - hear about lives that have been completely transformed through an encounter with Jesus.

This meeting will be followed by a Fellowship Hour in the Church hall, when you will be able to chat with us further around a cup of tea and biscuits.



















Sunday School Attendance Prizes

Every year we award prizes on Youth Sunday to the young people that attend our Sunday School and special prizes for anyone completing 3, 6, 9 12 years unbroken attandance.

Congratulations to Amber Rodgers who received a prize for 3 years unbroken attaendance.

Last Year Sarah Johnston received a prize and joined the list of previous young people, Stephen Wilkinson, Stephen Johnston and Adam Johnston who completed 12 years unbroken attendance.

Congratulations again to Sarah this year who received another special prize for being the first person to complete a massive 13 years unbroken attaedance.



                              Fit 4 Life 2014


We held another series of Fit 4 Life events on Wednesday 2nd April 2014.

The nights kicked off with a keep fit hour for all different levels of fitness including walking - 20, 40, 60 minutes routes, Aerobics, Armchair Aerobics and refreshments.

This was folowed by a time of chours singing, ending with a special Speaker and a healthly supper.

To listen to our Fit 4 Life speakers Click Here


                        First Steps

          ParentnToddler Group

We have started a new Parent 'n' Toddler Group called First Steps on Tuesday mornings from 10.30am - 12noon.

First Steps is a place where you can make friends and relax and where your children will have an opportunity to learn and play happily along with other children.

Click Here for more info






Cookstown Baptist Just Jesus Events


The Big Questions   Click Here for more info

We held a special gospel outreach service on the last Sunday of every month of 2013. These services delt with ‘The Big Questions’ of life including ‘What is the meaning of life?’, ‘Is there life after death?’, ‘Why didn’t the world end on the 21/12/12?’, ‘Is suicide the answer to my problems?’, ‘Why does God allow suffering?’ etc. This will allow us to touch a nerve with the questions that people are asking in the world today.


Thank you to everyone who has supported us in 2013 as we ran the 'BIG QUESTIONS' Gospel Outreach. It's hard to believe we have finished them already. Thank you for your support in coming along, praying for us and for inviting unsaved friends and family members along.


You can listen to all The Big Questions meeting on the Resources/Sermon downloads Index page.



As well as the Big Questions and the Fit 4 Life we arranged a special week of Just Jesus Events, which ran from Monday 16th - Saturday 21st September 2013.


Date Event Time Speaker
Monday 16th Fit 4 Life 7.00pm Jeannie Graham
Tuesday 17th

Special Bible Study

& Prayer Meeting

8.00pm Pastor Gareth Bell
Wednesday 18th Harry Ferguson Night 8.00pm George Conn
Thursday 19th 50+ Fellowship Meeting 2.30pm Pastor John Taylor
Friday 20th Youth Event 8.00pm Joel Hutchinson
Saturday 21st Children's Fun Day 2.00 - 4.00pm Colin Tinsley
Saturday 21st Manna 8.00pm Joel Hutchinson




Fit 4 Life 2013  

The Women arranged a month of meeting from Wednesday 10th April to Wednesday 1st May 2013.

The nights kicked off with a keep fit hour for all different levels of fitness including walking - 20, 40, 60 minutes routes, Aerobics, Armchair Aerobics and refreshments.

This was folowed by a time of chours singing, ending with a special Speaker and a healthly supper.

Fit 4 Life Gospel Service

The Speaker was Pastor Gareth Bell who spoke on “Are you FIT 4 ETERNITY?”,Ali Colvin one of the Fit 4 Life Fitness Instructors gave his testimony and Alice Marks brought a message in song.

You can listen to the speakers of all the Fit 4 Life meeting on the 

Resources/Sermon downloads Index page.



       Left - right Mrs Jill Patterson, Mr Edwin Poots (Health Minister)                Mrs Elaine Hill, Pastor Gareth Bell and Mrs Heather Hamilton.             




  A few of the Ladies and young girls that took part on the                                  first night of the Fit 4 Life Event.





BYF SmartieTube Appeal




Some of our young people are took part in outreach work durning the summer in Romania and Spain.


To help support them, the BYF gave out tubes of Smarties, which were handed back filled with 20p pieces or £1 coins.



Thank you to all that helped with this worth while cause, it was greatly appreciated.


Click Here to listen to Pastor Bell  interviewing Lauren Bell on her forthcoming outreach to Spain through Baptist Missions.


Click Here to listen to Robert Hill interviewing Jason Dobson on his forthcoming outreach to Romania through the Exodus Team.







Fellowship Hour after the Evening Service Sunday 11th November 2012






















Induction Service Friday 9th November 2012

Another chapter in the life of Cookstown Baptist Church commenced on Friday 9th November 2012 with the induction of our new Pastor Mr Gareth Bell. The church was filled to capacity as church members, adherents, family and friends came to witness this memorable night.

The church is looking forward to Gareth being joined by his future wife Miss Nicole Menary when they get married next June.

Pastor Chambers (former Pastor) was Chairman, with Pastor Ewart (Principal - IBC) leading the act of Induction.

Pastor Robert Hunsdale - Agape Fellowship (Gareth's home church); Pastor William Colville - (Director - ABCI); Pastor Colin Cooper (Knockconny Baptist Church) and the Rev Tom Greer from our local Presbyterian Church extended greetings.

The charge to Pastor and Church was brought by Pastor Alan Baird (Tutor at IBC).

Referring to 1 Thessalonians 2, Alan likened the congregation in Cookstown to a Shepherd and his sheep. The Shepherd is to inspire and encourage his flock to live lives worthy of God and the sheep are to be submissive and obey their Shepherd. He also asked us to pray daily and continually and to be present and participate in order to encourage our Shepherd.

The evining ended with supper provided by the ladies.

Please continue to pray for Gareth and the Church as we serve the Lord together.













New Pastor

In 2012 the Church decided to issue a Call to Mr Gareth Bell to serve as our new Pastor.

Gareth is engaged to Nicole Menary and was a member of Agape Fellowship Belfast. Before commencing his studies in the Irish Baptist College Gareth had

a very successful career in banking. As part of his training at IBC Gareth completed his practical placement in Great Victoria Baptist Church with Pastor Brock. Gareth graduated in June 2012 from the Irish Baptist College with a Diploma in Ministry Studies and Bachelor of Theology Degree from the University of Chester.

Gareth has felt lead of the Lord to accept the Call as Pastor and was Inducted into the Pastorate on Friday 9th November 2012.




History Of Cookstown Baptist Church


The History of Cookstown Baptist Church, published in 2002 has been made available on the web site.

The booklet is reproduced in PDF format and can be read here



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